Friday, 23 April 2010

Web Portal Aims To Revolutionise Comms Sector Sales Recruitment

A new web portal, SalesMatch, promises to revolutionise recruitment in the sales industry. It's developers, Brent Sercombe Co-founder and CEO Phil Hagen, boast 30 years experience in managing and recruiting salespeople, most of it in the telecoms industry, and they are aiming to overcome what they say is the 'outdated practice' of recruiters charging 15 per cent plus fees for salespeople who are on average staying in jobs for less than 18 months.

"The SalesMatch ethos is about changing this trend", commented Sercombe. "SalesMatch is about harnessing the power of technology and offering a recruitment service that delivers the value that both candidates and employers need. The industry is long overdue for a change. We offer controlled anonymity to the candidate and a barrier free pay as you go proposition for employers."

According to Hagen, employers want an efficient low cost model, while candidates want to be visible for jobs but without the fear of being seen by their employer on job sites. "Salesmatch delivers the answer," claimed Hagen. "Candidates can upload their details but remain anonymous on the site. Employers can search the site for free, view a candidate's profile and only pay when the candidate agrees to release their details. Our search parameters give the option of choosing a salesperson based on objective information provided by the candidates, not CV content."

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