Friday, 17 September 2010

Sales Profiling Identifying the 'Hunter' and 'Farmer'

The concept of the ‘Hunter’ and ‘Farmer’ is widely associated with understanding how a salesperson’s character, affects their working style. The SalesMatch engine incorporates this concept within a character profile assessment. The intelligent search engine looks at the salespersons different characteristics, and matches them to their natural environment (job role).

"About 80 per cent of our candidates are placed in a role using profiling. You can view their sales character traits, and what percentage of new business and account management suits that particular character." commented Phil Hagen, CEO of SalesMatch. “Sales Profiling is so powerful in recruiting a salesperson because a CV does not tell you why people act and respond differently in particular sales roles” claims Hagen.

Phil Hagen and Brent Sercombe, co-founders of SalesMatch, boast 30 years in managing and recruiting salespeople. Their experience at senior management level highlighted the problems faced by employers in recruiting salespeople to match to particular company environments.

Phil Hagen has over 20 years’ sales profiling experience using DISC. The profiling tool looks at a candidate’s assertion, communication, pace and detail. The character profiling shows where one candidate will be better suited to new business and/or account management.

Psychometric Sales Profiling Assessment in Sales Recruitment

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