Friday, 19 November 2010

Is Psychometric Profiling Useful in the Recruiting Process?

Yes, No and Maybe are the usual answers!

Providing candidate benchmarking to the recruitment process has to be beneficial. However the recruitment process needs to be aligned with the interviewers understanding of profiling, and equally as important an understanding of their own organisational culture.

The BBC technology consultant Rory Cellan-Jones revealed that his psychometric profile indicates that he scored within the lowest 2% of the population for strategic thinking. This statement demonstrates why some candidates fear profiling, since it is known to reveal and emphasise an individuals weakness – a major British trait!!

The recognition of what we are good at, in Rory’s case networking and communication, is often presented as an afterthought as opposed to a core strength.

At SalesMatch, our profiling identifies the core selling skills within our candidate database and we group our talent pool according to profiles. All reports emphasise the strengths of a candidate and we try to match their competencies with their ideal employer environment. A successful interview should always identify whether the candidate fits the role, but accurate profiling could and should play an important role within the recruitment process.

Psychometric Sales Profiling used in Sales Recruitment for Sales Jobs

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