Thursday, 16 December 2010

Recruitment Market Highlights a Need to Train Good Salespeople

Demand for salespeople is increasing. Market trends appear to indicate that companies have been reluctant to recruit salespeople – not true! There has been a period of consolidation where companies have been more concerned with salary cost rather than quality. Our experience shows that trend is changing.

SalesMatch Sales Director, Spencer Davies says “Over the recent months we have seen a 15 per cent rise in salaries, highlighting the demand for better quality salespeople.”

However this trend re-emphasises the need for companies to recruit skilled sales people, outside of their industry. This theory is prominent in traditional recruitment, and therefore the market has been forced to look at lower quality salespeople. The solution is quite clear: recruit salespeople who have the sales skills. If they are selected correctly, then simple industry training is a cost effective long term recruitment solution.

SalesMatch use sales behavioural profiling to match candidates by their sales skills. The sales profile highlights a candidate’s key sales skills and matches them to their natural environment or job role. We provide high quality salespeople who have the right selling skills to do the job.

Industry knowledge can be taught, however personal characteristics are unique to each candidate. Matching candidates by sales skills rather than based on just their industry knowledge, provides a company with a candidate who can sell successfully.

Sales Behavioural Profiling in Sales Recruitment

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