Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Today is Predicted the Busiest Job Searching Day of the Year!

Today, Tuesday 11th January 2011, has been predicted to be the busiest online job searching day of 2011*. Traditionally, the first Tuesday back after the New Year is the busiest but, with the recent cold spell and extended Christmas breaks’ many people have not been back in the office.

SalesMatch Marketing Manager, Jessica Hazell says “2011 has definitely started with a bang! We have recently seen a huge demand for good quality salespeople from our employers. Market trends seem to indicate that companies have been reluctant to recruit salespeople, which is not true! What is true is employers are being more selective in the type of candidate they recruit and are focused on finding candidates with strong new business skills.”

Sales recruitment has to change in 2011. The practice of selecting and predicting a candidate’s future performance on their past p60 is flawed and misleading. SalesMatch believe that identifying a candidate’s sales character is a much better prediction of future performance, if matched to their natural work environment.

SalesMatch use their psychometric profiling assessment to identify a candidate’s sales style through four key elements: assertion, communication, pace and detail. The profiling tool provides an insight into why certain salespeople act and respond differently in a sales environment. For example it helps us identify those salespeople who are good at getting new business, but less effective at maintaining customer relationships and similarly those salespeople who are excellent at producing and delivering a strong technical presentation to a board of directors.

SalesMatch have proved that candidates will perform better if they are placed in their natural work environment. Matching candidates using this method will therefore ensure optimum sales performance from the candidate.

Sales Profiling in Sales Recruitment and Sales Jobs

*MyJobGroup’s analysis of peaks and troughs from six years’ data, post-New Year.

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