Thursday, 5 April 2012

NEW SalesMatch Website Launched!

SalesMatch has launched the first phase of their new website for 2012! The new website has a clean look and many added features. SalesMatch are looking to attract large volumes of sales jobs to the website through their new service, Post Your Job Free.

New features include Post Your Job Free, Job Search, and Pricing Packages.

Post Your Job Free.
This does exactly what it says on the tin. Register for free on SalesMatch and post your job to view the numbers of matching salespeople and applications you receive. This ‘try before you buy’ gives you an opportunity to see what SalesMatch has to offer, before you upgrade your account.

Job Search. This allows candidates to search any sales job on SalesMatch by job title, industry, post code, and by a chosen salary band. They can then apply for your job by registering for free.

Pricing Packages. We listened to your feedback, so now we offer solutions that can be tailored to any business whether big or small. You can adapt our services to suit your company by choosing the level of service, number of jobs and length of contract. Prices start from £395.

SalesMatch is already looking to the future development of their online services through 2012. They are looking at integrating social media networks, video CV’s, text messaging, and many other value added services, to increase the ability to identify quality salespeople online.


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