Tuesday 21 May 2019

A Successful Contact Centre is All About People

A Successful Contact Centre is All About People

Technology in our contact centres has certainly improved performance over the years, 
but it does not addressed many of the people issues that have affected the successful running of our contact centres.

The most typical issues are:

▪Poor New Business sales result.
▪Unacceptable levels of agent turnover.
▪High levels of time off with sickness and stress
▪Poor Customer Service levels

Evidence shows, these are predominantly the result of not matching a person’s natural character traits with the job they are doing, which is why we see some agent perform exceptionally  well and others struggle every day until they leave.

This can further be identified with agents that have

▪Unnecessarily long call durations
▪long wrap up times
▪High levels of "Agent unavailable" status

All of these are significant signs of having an agent in a role that doesn't sit comfortably with their Natural behavioural character traits, and this is where SalesMatch can help.

Used during the early stage of the new candidate recruitment process, our behavioural assessments will identify these character traits, which will enable you to match them correctly with the job type. The assessments are also a powerful tool used to review the existing agents, to ensure they are in the best roles

To demonstrate the power and value of our contact centre assessment to you organisation, we will profile your top and bottom performers completely free of charge, and provide you with a report of the finding.

http://www.salesmatch.com/Learn more about how SalesMatch can help you improve your contact centre performance:

* Behavioural Profiling Services
* Consultancy & Advice on contact centre agent    changes

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