Wednesday 18 March 2020

What you need to know about transferring to homeworking


"What you need to know about transferring to homeworking"

“During our current health crisis, it might seem quite simple for employers to transition staff to homeworking,” says Phil Hagen, Behavioural Science Specialist and Founder/CEO of SalesMatch Ltd. “But there is more to achieving this successfully than just providing the right technology and processes.”
In his latest SalesMatch report called “What you need to know about transferring to homeworking,“  Phil points out that the biggest challenge arises from the stress and demotivation an individual can experience when dealing with the changed working environment. People rely on structure, security and interaction with others and many do not like change.  Companies must identify and understand these fears and behavioural requirements.  They must then seek to meet the needs of those individuals so that successful outcomes can be achieved. 
We all have unique sets of behavioural character traits that govern how we think and react to any given situation.  But for the purpose of homeworking, these can be grouped into four main behavioural types which can be identified using the SalesMatch homeworker assessment tool. 
Phil’s report considers how these types perform.  It suggests processes that employers can use to structure and build confidence in a homeworking team and proposes tips for homeworkers that will help them perform to their best capacity.
SalesMatch is a behavioural assessment tool specialising in providing behavioural assessments and reports to the sales profession and contact centre industry.
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